Abyaar Delivers Acacia Villas

  • 22 May, 2013
  • Kuwait

Acacia Villas project after delivery and Hilliana Tower. Abyaar Real Estate Development Company has announced the delivery of phases I and II of its prestigious Acacia Villas project located at Acacia Avenues, the first freehold development in Dubai’s prime Jumeirah district.

The chairman of Abyaar, Marzooq Al-Rashdan, commented on the delivery of the project: “We are back again with the implementation and completion of our projects. The signs of recovery in the Dubai real estate market are clear though the process of enacting laws and new regulations by the Land Department for the market regulation to give investors more protection and security.”

Al-Rashdan added: “Acacia Avenues is the first project in Jumeirah which gives the opportunity for investors to own property. The project was launched by Abyaar in 2007 at a cost of two billion Dirhams as a full-service complex containing 50 villas and six towers on an area of 94 thousand square meters near the Knowledge Village.”

Regarding the completion of Hillliana Tower at Acacia Avenues, Al-Rashdan said: “We have announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement to develop Hilliana Tower and other real estate projects in Dubai between Abyaar Real Estate Development and Naif Saleh Alrajhi Investment Company. Work is currently underway and the completion of construction works will finish soon.”

Al-Rashdan concluded his statement by stressing that the current year will be promising for real estate investors because of growth, stability and the availability of investment opportunities in the Dubai real estate market, long regarded as the favorite for investors in the Middle East.